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Each client's financial situation and requirements will naturally be different but we have carefully designed our fee structure so as to ensure that it is fair for all our clients, whilst also reflecting the high quality comprehensive service that we provide.

If you would like to seek our advice, and you decide to become an Astute Financial Planning client, then we will give you a good indication at the outset of what our service will cost in the first year, and also in future years. Where possible we will quote a fixed fee.

Our service will usually cost more in the first year as there is more work involved in for example, collecting financial information and data, preparing your first Financial Life Plan, making any changes to existing arrangements, and implementing any new investments and / or financial products (as required).

All Astute Financial Planning fees are agreed in advance with our clients, and the level of fees payable is always commensurate with the level and value of service provided to our clients.

Our overall desire is to provide a highly personalised and professional service for all our clients, and to build a long term relationship with each and every client built on mutual trust. The basis of our fees is therefore structured very carefully, such that the level of fees payable by our clients, is both fair to our clients but also rewards Astute Financial Planning sufficiently for our experience, expertise and the overall quality of our service.

To provide our financial planning and investment planning service we charge a fee of £4,000 pa plus 0.25% pa of investment assets including cash savings (but excluding your home and any second / holiday homes), subject to a minimum fee of £5,000 pa.

As an example, if your investment assets including cash savings (but excluding your home and any holiday homes) are valued at £1m; then our ongoing annual fee will be £6,500pa (£1m x 0.25%pa = £2,500pa + £4,000 pa = £6,500pa). Our fees are calculated on this formula/basis each Calendar Year, and will therefore increase or decrease in line with the value of your cash savings and investments each year.

For new clients we charge an additional £3,000, in the first year only, to cover the additional work involved in building your first Financial Life Plan.

For advising on and arranging any new investments, and / or providing specialist advice such as regarding Catastrophe Planning, Long Term Nursing Care and Inheritance Tax / Estate planning (that is not of a generic nature and which would not normally be covered in our annual financial planning and investment service), then we will charge an additional Project Based Fee to cover the costs of providing advice and implementing any strategies / products / investments. Any Project Based Fees will be quoted on a fixed fee basis at the outset, and agreed with you before commencing any work on your behalf.

Currently no VAT is charged on any fees payable by Astute Financial Planning clients because the vast majority of our work is in relation to 'intermediation services'.

Our fee structure has been designed to provide certainty for our clients as to the level of fees that are payable whilst also reflecting the level of service and value of the advice that we will provide to you each and every year.

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